More than just a housing complex.


Safe Harbor Village has always been a highly desirable, tranquil neighborhood that has endured for generations.  

Today the Village consists of 26 structures including 21 single family homes-all with a fireplace and garage,  an 8 unit apartment building which once included a doctor’s office, an office building with 2nd floor visitor's dormitory, a splendid dining hall with post office, a bachelor’s quarters with social club, and 17 garages.  At its inception, employees of Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation would enjoy the benefits of this incredible community and simply walk down the concrete steps, on the western side, to the Power Plant for their work day. 



The exterior of the buildings situated amongst Safe Harbor Village all showcase a variety of prominent features. The features of these houses include brick walls, decorative half-timbering, steeply pitched slate roofs, prominent cross gables, tall narrow doors and windows, and large chimneys. This is reflective of the Tudor Revival time period which was popular at the time the buildings were constructed.

Banquet Hall

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Safe harbor park

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