Welcome to The Village at Safe Harbor.


This community was built in the early 1930’s as the operator’s village for the Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Power Plant, and is currently offered as a private rental community with single homes, apartments and garages available for your living and recreational enjoyment.

During WWII, the Village also temporarily housed U.S. Military troops to protect the hydroelectric plant immediately following the attack on Pearl Harbor and it has even been noted that Adolf Hitler had Safe Harbor Hydro Dam targeted as a strategic point, for at the time it primarily powered the railroads and the city of Baltimore with its ports and industry.

Safe Harbor Dam is still one of three operating hydroelectric dams on the Susquehanna River.  With transportation and technology advances the Village is no longer relied upon for employee housing.  

Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation retained ownership of Safe Harbor Village for over 80 years, until May 2014, at which time it was sold to a local group of real estate investors, whom share a vision to preserve the character and beauty of this rare piece of history.